Ever since we started we have always put customer satisfaction first in line and we lay a lot of emphasis on understanding our client’s requirements and our executives are specially trained to figure out the requirements of the clients through patient hearing. It is certainly because of our deep understanding of our client’s requirements in terms of the nature and objectives of their business that we had been able to make it this far. Business thrust has always been a place of free discussions and our clients are very comfortable to share their views any time they like.

Business-Thrust used to be a small team of entrepreneurs when it had started some years back from now. However, its understanding of the needs of the various businesses with the changing times is what gave it an extra edge and soon Business Thrust had transformed in to a huge team of IT specialist and engineers. Business Thrust was certainly able to fulfil the IT requirements of the various companies to a large extent and in some cases, it has even out performed many other IT Companies by its excellent Products and services. Our services comprise Installation and support of network services, Cloud computing, Systems and networks monitoring services, help desk solutions, outsourced and managed services and most importantly, we conduct meetings frequently to discuss over various ways towards more advancement. Our IT products and services are massively effective in elevating the overall



Providing our customers with best quality service is our top most priority.


We are an amazing team of energetic specialists and our achievement so far is certainly a product of contribution from each one of us.


We lay a lot of emphasis upon maintaining our relationships with our partners, clients and colleagues by our fairness of dealings.


We are consistently optimistic about our goals and this eventually gives us the strength to work dedicatedly towards more perfection.


To be unique is certainly having something new to offer and our team is persistently involved in deep research and analysis to always help our clients keep up with the changing times by offering something new and exclusive every time.


Sysnet System and Solutions Pte Ltd is a fast growing Information Technology company, focusing on empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions. Founded in 2004, it has evolved from a small team of round the clock entrepreneurs to a structured pool of certified engineers with different IT skills to handle complex requirements of IT needs. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customer’s is our prime motto and we always strive to excel in this to differentiate ourselves in line with our guiding principles.

Sysnet System is one stop solution for all IT related services range from desktop solutions, malware protection, digital CCTV camera, IP Telephony, network support services from Wintel to Sun Solaris etc.

Our experienced team of IT engineers dedicate themselves proactively to ensure that the IT environment of our clients is well taken care of so that they can focus their time and energy in developing their core business.

Whatever may be the nature of business or size of the company, Sysnet offers wide range of professional services to enable our customers to communicate, compete and succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.


We cover all types of organization from Banking, Shipping to many other industries in terms of server support contracts and IT solutions.

With more than 60 years of combined industry experience in a wide variety of software, Hardware and network related technology, our consultants always have the best solutions for you no matter what type of organization you are associated with. In fact, we have managed the IT departments in numerous organizations be it big or small. We have had a wonderful journey so far and almost all our clients are much satisfied with our service and our long-time association with our clients is evident of the quality of our service.

We understand the importance to keep up with the changing IT requirements of our clients with the changing times which is why our team is involved in persistent research and analysis of the current IT needs of the people as well as the global trends pertaining to Information Technology. This gives us an extra edge in always helping our clients acclimatize to any challenges with the help of our excellent IT services.

Today's world is a world of constant innovation and things tend to get more and more sophisticated and competitive. If you don't have the right solutions in time, things might fall apart and it can be hard for you to acclimatize. We have certainly brought about an amazing confidence among the various organizations as more and more people began to realize the effectiveness and the quality of our services and we are glad as well that we are being consistently able to keep it up to the mark.



I highly recommend Sysnet for any and all computer related issues. They are very knowledgeable and are able to solve problems very effectively. Selvakumar and his team have been monitoring and supporting all of our IT needs for the past 8 years and we are very happy with the service.


Sysnet’s team helped us in most aspects of development, deployment, and sustainable growth in both - core IT services and telephony integration. Our relationship with Selva and his staff is rock solid.


Sysnet team has been invaluable as consultants during this time of rapid growth and expansion at Bank of Communications. We have been taking on so many new IT Solutions.


Sysnet Team have displayed their utmost professionalism & accountability in tackilng our complicated IT situation which was critical, and this deserves the highest praise from both us and our team of management.