Network & System Monitoring and Alert Service

To match exact customers needs we help them with monitoring architecture which is called to be world's most scalable solution for monitoring Linux, Unix(Solaris , SCO, HP-UX,AIX etc) and Windows. And that is known as Argent Guardian Ultra with architecture which is agent-optional and Guardian Ultra Monitor Servers available with or without agents for installing.

The Argent Guardian Ultra works when alerts are given when problems arise by Argent Console and starts monitoring server's performance and its health. The Argent Console is equipped with graphical user interface and also web based user interface to view. Argent Console generated alerts in several ways such as SMS, email and alphanumeric paging etc. Argent has the ability to restart the hanged servers or start the stopped server by rebooting the servers. Thus without even making it evident to end user the IT professional get notified and automatically addressing the issues. It is easy to meet SLA commitments by using Argent.

Reporting and Centralized Log for IT Compliance
  • The ways the companies do the business are changing as dictated by Government regulations like HIPPA and Sarbanes Oxley. The consolidates and scans of all the data which is critical is collected by Argent for Compliance from all across the enterprise worldwide into SQL Servers and /or ODBD databases which are more centralized, irrespective of hardware platform. The data residing on various devices like Linux, Unix(Solaris , SCO, HP-UX,AIX etc), iSeries,SNMP, and Windows is easily processed by Argent for Compliance.
  • Argent for Compliance is known to be very robust with provision for complete scalability and also providing management an audit trial. Therefore in response to behavior uncovered and "keywords" which can be searched from centralized database, the company can easily start internal audits and comply with audit requests.
  • Security of data reporting and archiving is paramount for all organizations and companies in the unstable and rapidly changing world of today.
  • In order for a client to be compliant with all above Argent for Compliance has several feature to use.