Our company deals in a variety of IT solutions and support which also includes Oracle Hardware and designing of the database. Our support system and installation also includes the following facilities:-
  • We provide solutions and support for the fault resolution to Solaris Servers.
  • We also deal in installing packages and in patches deployment.
  • We keep monitoring the server activities and its performance.
  • We help managing and creating ID and Passwords.
  • We use Auto Mounting for monitoring and administration of NFS clients and servers.
  • We use RAID Volume Level of 0-1 and 5 for the creation of Solaris volume Manager.
  • We use SVM for administration and configuration of RAID.
  • We also help you in increasing and monitoring of SWAP memory usage as required.
  • We help you with knowledge of Zpools and ZFS.
  • We also assist you in the creation of branded zones and non-global zones.
  • Based on the requirement our company also deals in non-global zones configuration, whole root and sparse zones.
  • We also help you with file system space check and check under Solaris Disk status check of network interface.
  • We also help you in saving money by migration of Solaris virtual servers End of life hardware applications and upgrading it to newer platforms.