IT on demand /Ad-Hoc Support

The On Demand service is one we offer to our client which has no commitment nor contract or limitation. This is like charge per usage program and we charge per project completion or on hourly basis. For this client can call us only when our service is needed.

We adopt the following procedure to line up support on call request.
  • Primary Assessment : when a client call us for this kind of support our customer support would record with necessary details about the problems they face in our system. Then on priority basis would assign a technician to attend to the clients problem dedicatedly and solve it.
  • Resolving the problem: after we assign technician we deploy him to the site then he would try to find where the trouble is and resolve it so that system is back to working to the satisfaction of the client . The technician would note down each and every actions he had taken to resolve the problem on a work sheet which would be signed by client representative concerned.
  • Satisfaction report and billing: When the problem for which is called for is resolved, we would generate an invoice as per the client approved work sheet describing the works steps done and charges for such work which were earlier agreed upon by client.
  • Expertise you can depend upon - access to our support engineers easily for quick and trustful service.

We can help clients gets various technical problems related to complete migration of infrastructure to computer problems they face. You can know how better we can help by giving a call to us.