Email Archiving Solutions

Symantec Enterprise Vault. Cloud

Symantec Enterprise Vault. Cloud happens to be a cloud-based archiving service where it helps in storing, managing as well as discovering information on business critical. It is through a centralized and tamper-proof online repository that the information in captured by Cloud in a secured manner and that too in a tamper-proof online repository. It does not require any sort of software or hardware and the best part is that when it comes to its deployment, the service is found to be quick as well as easy at the same time. You need to spend a much lesser amount of money from your pocket on a monthly basis where it becomes possible to get unlimited storage as well. By reducing the storage footprint and cost of your organization, it really proves to be much useful to you. Thus it helps in a good way in storing, managing and discovering all information of your organization in a secured manner.

  • Email archiving makes it possible to archive management, compliance and productivity
  • Symantec Email Archiving Solutions helps to get rid of any sort problem with mailbox quota

Symantec Email Archiving Solutions

The most significant driver is the email for most organizations for growing storage requirements. In order to combat this explosive growth, it is generally found that mailbox quota is typically enforced on employees but this leads to increase email management that in turn seen that the end users are forced to circumvent the process in order to create NSF or PST files. By doing this, it again leads to corruption, data loss and backup challenges as well. So, when you look forward to opt for Email archiving with Symantec Enterprise Vault or Enterprise Vault, it makes it possible for users to get rid of quota frustrations and helps in the performance and scalability of Exchange and Domino. Thus you can enjoy the following benefits once you opt to implement a Symantec email archiving solution

  • It becomes possible for users in saving as well as archiving PST and NSF files from other important sources with the help of cloud-based email archiving solution.
  • It leads to faster as well as more seamless email migrations with the help of archiving duplicate and old email prior to your migration.
  • Archiving email either online or offline can be accessed by intuitive end users and that too on mobile devices.
  • It provides faster search for eDiscovery with consistent retention policies.